Mg provides workshops for support groups, social workers and other community partners

  Our philosophy is that education is key in Social Security disability claims. Even if we are not the representative in a case, we feel that every claim should be completed carefully and correctly from the beginning. We have appealed many claims which could have been approved at the initial level had the claimant answered SSA's questions fully.

  We offer complimentary lectures aimed at helping individuals, caregivers and case workers understand the SSDI and SSI application process. Julie presents "The Shortcuts and Pitfalls of Disability Claims" and Martha explains "The Basics of Social Security Disability". Both sessions follow with ample time left for Q&A. We believe that merited claims can be allowed much earlier if the individual is better informed about the complicated process.

We hope that you will let us share our tips with you and your group in an effort to help those in need of these benefits. We can modify the structure of our presentation to fit time constraints and can travel to you.

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