"Thank you for helping us to obtain disability benefits for my son. The Social Security forms were confusing, even for an educated person, and we were completely overwhelmed by the effects of his mental illness. You knowledge and experience with the disability system allowed us to trust you to handle the disability claim while we concentrated on his treatment."

                                             Nancy C.

"I will continue to tell everyone what a blessing it was to have been referred to you. You were able to guide me through the process and understand the different issues in the case. When the Judge said you had done a good job in representing me, it was an understatement!"

                           Gerald L.

"MG is tops on my referral list when anyone reports problems with a disability claim. I know MG provides detailed screening free of charge and will quickly determine the best possible answer for the person referred."

           Stella C. (Social Worker)

"MG has always been able to provide guidance for my clients with tricky disability issues, including work attempts. Having MG as a resource allows me to concentrate on other demanding issues and still know that my clients are receiving excellent

disability assistance.

                       Judy B.             (Rehab Job Specialist)

"I made the mistake of signing on with a large, national disability representation firm and became very upset with the lack of response and feedback. My clinic social worker recommended MG for my new claim because "they are local and responsive to clients." The easy access and quick responses from my MG disability expert has been a totally different and reassuring experience."

                        Robert A.

"We didn't know that your service was available and were floundering, trying to handle this disability claim on our own. We contacted several lawyers but none would help us because they could not get a large enough fee without us paying a large retainer fee (which we didn't have)to an escrow account. Your willingness to help us for the fee approved by Social Security when the case was won was a huge relief!"

                                             Gayle C.

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